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Ingredients:Distilled water, Coco glucoside, Coco betaine, PEG150, 
Hydrolysed soy protein, 
Phenoxyethanol, Citric acid,
Lavender essencial oil
270ml  $24 ( NZD ) 

Lavender has effect of anti inflammation
 and antipruritic. 
Also the scent may give you ease 
of mind and good sleep. 
Maybe best for the evening shampoo
Rosemary & Tea tree 

Distilled water, Coco glucoside, Coco betaine, PEG150, 
Hydrolysed soy protein, 
Phenoxyethanol, Citric acid,
Rosemary and Tea tree essencial oils
270ml  $24 ( NZD ) 

Both Rosemary and Tea tree have good 
effect of antioxidant and antibacterial. 
Their fresh scent may make you flesh and awake.
Recommended as morning and swetting summer.

At our salon, each stylists washes approximately 6 client’s hair  per day.

We believe that our hands and experience can reach to right answer for creating best shampoo.

Here is frame of the answers.

Sulphate Free

Plant based ingredients

Simple components  

No silicon oil (dimethicon)

Low preservative volume

Made in New Zealand

Philosophies of POCO SHAMPOO


The washing ingredients Lauryl sulfate salt and Laureth sulfate salt which are commonly used for most supermarket sold shampoos, are questioned these days due to the nature of irritation from strong cleansing and residual character to the scalp.

For POCO SHAMPOO, we chose Coco glycoside and Coco betain for washing detergents. These both are usually used for expensive baby shampoos for their mild and safe attempt with less residues.


The essential role for shampoo is to wash and cleanse the scalp and to make pores healthy which will generate to the growth of healthy hair.

To make moist silky hair which fingers go smoothly through, is the conditioners/treatment's role, not the shampoos.

We think that Shampoo does NOT need excess moisturising nor silicone substances.

PEG150 and Hydrolysed protein are enough to be added to shampoos to avoid dryness after washing. PEG with the number behind can show the molecular weight(size of the molecule). Substance put to the skin and scalp are very easily absorbed to the blood. The smaller the number, more to be absorbed to the skin. 

There are various opinions about this matter, but PEG75 or bigger is said to be safe to be put directly onto the skin. At POCO, we adopted PEG150 for our shampoo from judging its safety.


The blue bottle used for our shampoo blocks ultraviolet rays from the sun which leads to make the substances last longer. We don't see a lot of blue bottled shampoos around. That is because they are costly. Why we still chose blue bottle? That is we wanted to reduce the amount of preservatives as much as possible. 

And not like mass produced shelf stored ordinary shampoos, we have made the factory agree to make minimum amount each time of the order so we can reduce even more of preservatives.

Recent years at natural product markets, the trend strategies are to avoid Paraben and Phenoxyethanol. But the truth is if you don't drink a whole lot amount of either ones, they are very safe which has been used from long time ago and are stable preservatives for foods. Especially, Phenoxyethanol is a natural substance found in nature as in green tea.

There aren't a person who does't drink green tea because it contains Phenoxyethanol, are there? For our POCOSHAMPOO, we use it at very low consistency to avoid any irritation.

In the health industry, to shout out they don't use Paraben nor Phenoxyethanol, they use Sodium benzoate as their preservative. But there is a trick, to compensate the disinfectant of Sodium benzoate, a lot of the products have been added Ethanol (Ethyl alcohol) as a set. They promote with low stimulant but on the other hand they use a very strong stimulant Ethanol for their shampoo. Does that sound like a honestly made shampoo? In 2007, a scientist from England has presented his research result that Sodium benzoate damages mitochondria and will result in ageing and major health problems, which lead the England government to announce the investigation of Sodium benzoate to the related organisation. This investigation result has not yet reported, but we feel till the doubt clears off, we should't be using it as the main preservatives.

LINK : SODIUM BENZOATE  may seriously harm your health

There are differences among individual skin types. 

Even to customers who is sensitive to Phenoxyethanol, our new TEA TREE POCOSHAMPOO has added naturally extracted Geoguard Ultra, which is a moisturising preservative developed especially for very sensitive skin. Geoguard Ultra is very natural and very mild to everyone. (within Geoguard Ultra, it contains Sodium benzoate but it is extremely small amount)

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